Bridal Wear

Bridal Wear

Experience and reputation are the key words when it comes to having your wedding dress cleaned………. We've got both and are second to none.

The Cleaning Process

On reception each dress is examined thoroughly for staining, wear, beading and other decoration and this information is documented, to be passed on to the cleaner.

The dress is then examined again, as each gown is cleaned according to its specific requirements. Within our cleaning process we carefully check for stains, test any beads or other decoration for dry cleaning suitability before pre-treating any stains and soiling. The gown then receives a gentle clean using the most appropriate method. After cleaning, the dress will be checked for any remaining marks and the above process will be repeated if necessary.

Your dress will then be hand finished by our experienced staff, with each layer being individually ironed and particular attention being given to any lace work, bows and beaded areas. A final inspection is then carried out and further notes made on the final result.

You will then be contacted to be advised that your dress is ready for collection, if however your dress is being boxed, we will invite you to come and view your dress to ensure your satisfaction prior to boxing.

Wedding Dress Storage

We offer a range of wedding dress preservation boxes specifically made for this purpose. All boxes are ph neutral which means they do not contain acid or alkali. This type of storage will protect from light and dust and prevent discolouration.

The box is lined with acid free tissue and as the dress is folded into the box more tissue is placed between each layer, as well as in the bodice.

We would recommend that wedding dress boxes are stored in a fairly stable temperature and not somewhere such as a loft where temperatures can fluctuate.

Help Us Help You

  • Never try to remove stains or marks yourselves (other than blotting with a white cloth), the likelihood is that you will do more harm than good
  • Have your dress cleaned as soon as possible after the event.
  • Do not store your wedding gown in a plastic cover for long periods either prior to or after the event. Always use a fabric cover which will allow the material to breathe.
  • Do not remove any After Care Advice labels, they will assist us in the cleaning of your dress.