Ugg boot cleaning

Ugg Boot Cleaning

At The Mucky Pup we can clean and revitalise your Uggs!

Whilst Uggs have fast become one of the most fashionable types of footwear and look great, they do become watermarked and pick up all sorts of dirt and stains which can detract from the original look.

If your Ugg Boots are looking tired and in need of a spruce-up, have them professionally cleaned inside and out to remove those stains, watermarks and odours. After cleaning boots are treated with a spray to replace natural oils and brushed to raise the nap back to its luxurious texture. Finally your Ugg boots are treated with a water and stain repellent to help protect them from any further marking.

All Boots are cleaned on site and should be ready to keep your feet warm again with 7-10 days. So whether you have Uggs Emu?s or similar types of sheepskin footwear, bring them in today and let us give them a new lease of life!